Mr. Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo, PDP Candidate Bayelsa West.



The Bayelsa West senatorial candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo has expressed dissatisfaction over the impromptu postponement of the 2019 polls by the Independent National Electoral Commission. The immediate past commissioner for works and infrastructure, gave his reaction this morning while addressing press men at his residence in Ofoni.

Lawrence who blamed the postponement of Elections on the failure of the Buhari led Federal government, said the INEC has only shifted the day of defeat for the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the polls. He said there had be signs that the APC government was not ready for the 2019 general elections.

Lawrence said the postponement of the elections was the only option left for INEC to ensure free and fair polls, blaming the Federal Government for starving INEC of adequate funding, which affected the procurement of electoral materials needed for the elections.

“It’s absurd that we are preparing for election and critical national facility like INEC offices in some states will be touched. And sensitive materials like Smart Card Reader (SCR) that suppose to be use for elections are destroyed in states like Plateau, Anambra and Adamawa.

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“This clearly shown that the Federal Government was not prepared for the elections. If there is anything that need to be secured, are INEC offices. If you allow such facilities to be touched; you don’t blame INEC because the commission is not in charge of security, but logistics, Lawrence said.

He thanked God for everything, expressing optimism that he will win the Bayelsa West senatorial poll come February 23rd 2019. He said God knows why the polls were shifted. He said INEC wouldn’t had performed magic, because there were intervening factors that necessitated the postponement of the elections. He blamed on the negligence and ineptitude of the Buhari led Federal government.

“All of us knew that the federal government never took this elections serious the way we expected her to take it serious. So I will lay the blame on Federal Government for this postponement. Because, you don’t send a child to go and buy you salt and you call rain. And when the child does not come back with a salt you say the child is negligent.

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Federal Government had all the time to have budgeted for INEC, but the budget was delayed and fund was not adequately released,” Lawrence said.

He commended his supporters for their solidarity and enjoined them not be worried or allow themselves to be discouraged over the postponement of the elections. He encouraged them to remain motivated and come out en mass by next Saturday 23rd February 2019 to massively vote him and all PDP candidates.

“It’s just a matter of postponing the evil day for the APC. The fact that the fish had jumped out of the boat into the pod doesn’t mean that the fish has escaped. The fish is still within the pod, we will still bale the pod and bring the fish (APC) out.

“We are very optimistic that PDP will win; as such our supporters should remain calm. There should be no disgruntlement; no disparagement. Nobody should take up arms or demonstrate. They only postponed the date for their defeat.

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“I want to thank the people of Bayelsa West who turned out massively during my campaigns. I also want to thank the campaign directorates; our leaders from all walks of life. Our women, youths, men and our elders and then non indigenes who had also shown commitment to vote here in Bayelsa State and to vote for us.” he said.

Lawrence also acknowledged the role played by the media and the security personnel during the campaign. He appreciated the media for their accurate reportage. “I appreciate the media for their contributions and accurate reportage. I’m aware, the media have the responsibility of telling the people the truth”, He said, calling on all electorates to vote massively for PDP to defeat APC at the polls.

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