The decimated Akachi Tower


A heavy state of confusion has gripped the political ambiance of Imo state especially the newly inaugurated government, over the pulling down of the Akachi Tower built by the immediate past governor of the state; Rochas Okorocha in Owerri Metropolis.


The Akachi Tower in its initial state.

Bight News gathered that the Akachi tower is one of the best legacies of the immediate past administration, which its demolition started about 2:15pm on Thursday, has been linked to suspected agents of the newly inaugurated government led by Emeka Ihedioha.

Bight news also learnt that Security men have behest a preemptive order over the location of the building, stopping the demolition of the gargantuan tower thenceforth.

However, a firsthand reporter have told newsmen that the decimation was done by suspected agents of the newly inaugurated Ihedioha’s government amidst other reports saying that the land upon which the Akachi tower was built, was unduly and forcefully collected from the original owners by the government, the aggrieved owners who are now furious resorted to demolish the tower on their own.

In the words of one Onyenso, “We saw some people last night they were in two Hilux vehicles and some security people. They came and moved around the tower and later drove off.”

“Just this afternoon, as we are working on our site, we saw a group of people they came with a caterpillar, and they ordered the man in the caterpillar to start pulling down the Akachi tower.”

“They were shouting a new government has emerged and we are taking what belongs to us nobody can stop us. There is a new government, old things shall pass away and give way for a new thing.” An anonymous source said.

“Let me tell you the truth my brother, this land is not a government land it belongs to some people.

“But what I am seeing here today is like some people are angry they want to take laws into their hand. With the way this thing has started anything can happen at anytime.”

“The government must be guided and be careful of those using their name to take actions. This is taking a very bad shape whether you like it or not.” Another anonymous source added.


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