Bayelsa: SILGA Ward 14 Electorates Rally Round Ipidei Ahead Of Councillorship Poll

By Rechael Tonbra/ Bight News

Ahead of the July 27th 2019 Local Government Chairmanship and councillorship elections in Bayelsa State, the Electorates of ward14, cutting across Foropa, Ekene and Ezetu paid a courtesy visit to Comr. Patrick M. Ipidei in what they call a solidarity movement for the incoming councilor of there ward.

Receiving them the DG of the Patrick campaign organization in person of Dr. Henry Amaegberi thanked the youths for their support and task them to reach out to more youths as that’s the only way victory will be sure for their candidate Comr. Patrick M. Ipidei.

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Also speaking at the event, the youth President of Ezetu community, Undu said Comr. Patrick M. Ipidei, is a youth just like him, and the Patrick movement is his own movement. He went further to say that all well meaning indigenes of Ezetu community are are with Patrick Ipide. Adding that he is sure that Ipidei will have a landslide victory at the poll.

Similarly, Mr. Theo Alison, who is a youth leader from Foropa, statee that the Comr. Patrick’s movement is a movement for all, reasons been that’s Comr. Patrick is a youth loved by all and he goes beyond party lines. Adding that, youths must stand on their feets and say no to imposition, as Patrick is the one they have adopted to be their councilor in the forth coming Local government election.


In a like manner another vibrant youth from Foropa in person Peremene Wilcox said Ipidei candidacy is beyond party affiliation, and that’s why we are all gathered. He added that among them, are PDP and APC members. Which according tothim goes to say that Ipidei election is beyond party and he and others will stand with him to the end.

Comr. Patrick in his acceptance note, thanks the youths for finding him worthy of representing them as there councilor, and that when elected he will form a formidable communication across ward 14, he will also liaise LGA chairman to bring about the needed development in the ward and also ward closely with security agencies to maintain the peace and stability of the ward.

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