Lawlessness: Army man Shaves, Slices An Okarda Rider's Head With Razor Blade For Demanding Payment In Bayelsa

Lawlessness: Army man Shaves, Slices An Okarda Rider’s Head With Razor For Demanding Payment In Bayelsa

Another law-abiding Nigerian has been humiliated, manhandled and molested by a Nigerian Army in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, BIGHT NEWS gathered.

A post by Alagoa Morris on his social media handle, has it that the young man whose picture is shown below, identified as David Obebadol, a Bayelsan, from Otuasega community in Ogbia local government area, was hired by an army officer attached to the shell base not far from his community to conveyed him to several locations in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State. But he, the army man refused to pay him for his service at the end, not only that but was seriously beaten up, have his head shaved and sliced with razor in a blood day light.


“He is a bike ? rider and a fellow Nigerian hired him to carry him from Otuasega community to the Shell base not far from the community.

“On getting to the Shell camp, the man said the bike guy should take him to Yenagoa again, which the biker objected to; because there is an existing law which prohibits commercial biking in the state capital, Bayelsa.

“Then, the man, who was on mufti; introduced himself as a military personnel. He said the young man shouldn’t be afraid, he will protect him.

“This young man then agreed to take him to Yenagoa. On getting to Yenagoa, the military guy allegedly asked the bike man to take him to several places; including across the bridge at Swali.

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“Finally, after they returned safely to the Shell base; whether there was disagreement as per the service charge; the military man resorted to beating the guy who has rendered service to him.”

A source said the young man would have lost his life from the violence perpetrated by the military man.

Confirming the story with more details and pictures, Nadu wrote:

“He was my staff, his Name is David Obebadol from Otuasega and his elder sister Ruth David is still my staff. When he sensed the military man wants to make trouble he even asked him to forget about the payment.

“After beating him he brought out a razor, shaved the victims head and sliced the victims head with a blade in two more areas.

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“Like you (Alagoa) said the senior officers around I was told intervened and arrested the military man and I was told he was taken to sports complex I don’t know if that if their headquarters. The victim was then taken to FMC for medical attention by the military personnel but the sister said they have not heard from them since then.” Nadu said.

However, Alagoa Morris and other right activists have indicated interest in the incident, demanding arrest of the wanting officer. For them, “this is Human Rights violation.”


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