Sylva & Dickson

…Dickson, Steer Clear Of The Path Of Propaganda – Sylva

…Sylva, A Desperate Politician Under Threat From His Conscience – Dickson

The Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson has reacted to a claim by his predecessor, Timipre Sylva, that he is plotting to use fake news against key players in the President Buhari led Federal Government. The former governor had in a press statement released by his Media assistant, Mr. Julius Bokoru, accused Dickson of hatching plots to place Sylva on a collision course with key state actors at the national level.

Sylva hinted that Dickson’s precise method of doing this is to sponsor, with state resources, journalists in the mainstream media and content providers on the social media to write damning stories against some key figures of the presidency, footnoting Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President as a particular target in Dickson’s fake news campaign.

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Gov. Dickson reacting to the claim, lambasted the former governor, Timipre Sylva, describing him as a desperate politician who runs when nobody is pursuing.

Governor Dickson in a statement issued by the Special Adviser to Governor Dickson on Media Relations, Mr. FIdelis Soriwei, said Sylva is a desperate politician under threat from his conscience. Dickson said he is too occupied with the execution of the mandate the good people of Bayelsa gave to him, to be distracted by the hallucinations of a politician whose lifeline in politics was the state or the mood of his political masters.

Reminding him of his pasts as a former governor of Bayelsa State, Dickson called on Sylva to come clean on any particular sin he might have committed against the Chief of Staff, who has no issue whatsoever with him adding that the former governor might be having sleepless nights over the possibility of yet another “leaked audio” in this era of “double speak and doubt thoughts”.

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“The point to note is that the Governor is too busy with the execution of the mandate given to him by Bayelsans in place of Sylva to be bothered by anticipated clashes between Sylva and the President’s Chief of Staff.

“This comic claim by Sylva and his minions is a classic example of the wicked on flight at the sight of nobody. The fact is that Sylva is so scared and intimidated by the shadow of Dickson, that his nightmares about him occur in the day time.

The former Governor claimed that, Dickson’s government has been built on layers of empty propaganda that he has sustained with robotic consistency. That his habitually high-sounding claims and promises have not produced tangible results to uplift the people he has impoverished for close to eight years.” He charged Dickson to “steer clear of the path of propaganda”.

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However, Dickson stressed that while he had worked hard to put his name on all the life changing, big ticket developmental projects in Bayelsa, “Sylva would be remembered for the descent to lawlessness, the slaughter of the innocent encapsulated in his killing machine, Famutangbe.

“Sylva’s regime is one bitter story of the locust, pain, misery, waste and misrule in Bayelsa . His rejection by the Bayelsa people only showed the decision of the people to reject stagnation and sterility in governance.” Dickson said.

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