Bight Newspaper gathered that a Global Affairs Analyst, Jiti Ogunye, has berated the Ondo State Deputy Governor, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa, for allegedly attempting to stop his impeachment process through an interim order.

Ogunye, while speaking on a television program said that Hon. Aiyedatiwa was wrong to have approached the court when the process hadn’t been completed.

Ogunye described the Deputy Governor’s action as a clear violation of the constitution, adding that approaching the federal High Court instead of the state and suing the state Governor, state house of assembly and the Chief Judge was a wrong attempt.

He insisted that Hon. Aiyedatiwa should submit himself and answer the allegations levelled against him.

“The issue of principle here is that there is a route under section 188 of the constitution, that route says that seven days you should receive a notice served by the Speaker on the holder of the office be it governor or deputy governor.

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” Within 14 days, a vote is taken, if two-thirds passes the matter, it goes to the Chief Judge of the state within seven days and then a panel is set up within three months and the report comes in.

“After the report comes in, If the report says no misconduct has been committed, the matter ends there. If it says misconduct is proven then the person is impeached.

“That’s the process. And so, if at the tail-end the process is not followed, the holder of the office has a recourse to have him restored to power.

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“The second one is the federalist principle which is very dear to me. You are a deputy governor of a state, you have a state high court, you are suing everybody in that state including the Chief Judge of that state, and you are taking them to a federal government court. That offends my Federalist principle.

In another development, the counsel to the House of Assembly, Femi Emodamori, argued that if the state house of assembly clearly and meticulously follows section 188, sub-sections 1-9, no court as stipulated in section 10, has the power to intervene.

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Emodamori said:”It is only when there are pure breaches of the law that the court may intervene. Now, His Excellency hasn’t even been served, the notice was initiated by eleven members of the House, more than one-third required, he didn’t wait to be served.

“The law said it should be served within seven days. He rushed to court the following day that he hasn’t not been served saying it’s a violation of his right. I have just seen another suit filed by my respected colleague, Ebun-olú Adegboruwa, and I have read the processes”.

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