Bight Newspaper gathered that two prominent groups, the Conscience of Progressive Change (CPC) and Ondo Elites Assembly (OEA), have openly tonguelashed the Ondo State Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa for not receiving the body of his last predecessor, Rotimi Akeredolu who passed on.

The criticism emanated from the governor’s visible absence during the reception of the late Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s body upon its arrival in the country last Friday.

The groups expressed disappointment and described the governor’s absence as a display of insensitivity and disrespect.

The Coordinator of CPC, Remi Ogunmola, and the General Secretary of OEA, Chief Yemi Oladiran, issued separate press statements condemning the act.

They highlighted the importance of showing solidarity and respect during such significant moments, especially for a figure as prominent as the late Governor Akeredolu.

According to their separate statements, both Ogunmola and Oladiran emphasized the role of the state’s leader in setting an example of empathy and unity, especially in times of grief.

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“The absence of Governor Aiyedatiwa at such a crucial moment was seen as a failure to honor the legacy and memory of the late governor, who had served the state with dedication.”

The groups called for a more compassionate approach from the state’s leadership, stressing the importance of unity and respect for traditions, especially in times of mourning.

The criticism from CPC and OEA reflects an emerging concern among various stakeholders about the need for empathetic leadership in Ondo State.

This incident has sparked a debate about the expectations and responsibilities of public figures in times of communal grief and the importance of upholding traditions and showing respect to late leaders.

As the state mourns the loss of Governor Akeredolu, the actions of its current leaders are subject to close scrutiny, highlighting the need for sensitive and unifying leadership.

Ogunmola stated, ”It is sheer wickedness to refuse to receive the body of your former principal, a man who died while in active service to the state, and whose tenure you are completing.

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“Since the demise of Governor Akeredolu, we have continued to hear and verify various stories that initially started as rumours.

“Governor Aiyedatiwa’s refusal to receive the late Akeredolu’s body has substantiated many of these insinuations and rumours.

“What could Hon. Aiyedatiwa be doing that is so important? Was it too much to lead all members of the state executive council in receiving the body of the late governor?.

“If other state governors in the Southwest could send eminent representatives, was it too much to ask Aiyedatiwa, the direct beneficiary of Akeredolu’s death, to be present?”

The Ondo Elites Assembly on their part said Aiyedatiwa’s actions since the demise of the late Akeredolu clearly indicate that he was only shedding crocodile tears.

The group revealed that it was even more shocking that Aiyedatiwa exclaimed ‘A ku orire’ (congratulations to us) during his inauguration, which occurred the day the late governor passed away.

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The group’s statement said, “With this development, we don’t need to be told that Aiyedatiwa didn’t hold his late boss in high regard.

“Even in death, Aiyedatiwa has continued to display a lack of respect and love for the deceased. It’s a sad and unfortunate situation.

“We are deeply concerned by the way Governor Aiyedatiwa has been handling the death of his late principal. His behavior has been apathetic and unsympathetic.

“It is evident that this is not the appropriate way to treat someone’s benefactor.

“It is highly disheartening to see Akeredolu’s body moved from the airport without any insignia or sign of the state government. Akeredolu did his best for the state and the Southwest at large. He deserved better.”

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