Chief Dr. T. E. A Salubi in midst of Members of the Ovu Council of Chiefs at the resident of late Olorogun,High Chief (Barr) Dr. M. A. Adigbo, in Warri Delta State

WARRI-It was an atmosphere of doldrums as the Ovu Council of Chiefs pays a condolence visit to commiserate with the family of late Olorogun (High Chief) Dr. M. A. Adigbo JP at the resident of the deceased in Poloko area, Warri Delta State on Sunday afternoon.

The delegation which was led by Chief Dr. T. E. A. SalubiI(The Osuivie of Ovu) was warmly received by the family of deceased led by Archbishop Dr. R. O. Adigbo JP; Son of the deceased amongst other prominent members of the family.

The Council of Chiefs lamented and expresses a state of melancholy over the death of High Chief Dr M.A Adigbo JP who was the second in command and next in rank to the Osuivie of Ovu, though he died at the ripe age of 93.

While expressing grief, Chief Dr. T. E. A. Salubi noted that Olorogun(High Chief ) Dr. M. A. Adigbo JP who was an illustrious son of Ovu clan of the Agbon kingdom in Urhobo nation has served the Urhobo, Delta State and the country at large in many capacities as he once served as a State Judicial Officer, a community leader with penchant of leadership eccentricities and have headed many companies as Chief Executive Officer both government owned and in the private sector until his meritorious retirement from the judicial services as a magistrate chief judge about Fifteen (15) years ago.

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He said“Chief Dr. M. A. Adigbo was an illustrious son of Ovu Clan, he has shown capacity in various perspectives ranging from his service in community leadership even during the tenure of my father as the Osuivie, he has served the government as well, and retired meritoriously as a jurist in the state judicial services, and had headed many companies as Chief Executive.”

Chief Salubi also emphasized that the exit of Chief Dr. M. A.Adigbo JP is considered a huge and unquantifiable lost not only to the council of chiefs but also to the entire Ovu Clan and Delta State in general in view of his immense wealth of experience and fatherly disposition whose vacuum would be difficult to fill.

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“Though he passed on at a very ripe age, his wealth of experience in handling critical issues would forever be missed by me and the entire Council of Chiefs and his demise had done us all a great blow” He added.

The event agog when Chief Dr. Salubi consoled the children with traditional prayers and encouraged them to be firm with fortitude as the entire clan gets ready to pay their father the last honor.

Chief Dr. T.E.A Salubi (The Osuivie of Ovu Clan) in a cross section with the Council of Chiefs and Archbishop Dr. R. O. Adigbo JP;son of the deceased.

In response, Archbishop Dr. R. O. Adigbo JP expressed a deep feeling of appreciation to the Council Of Chiefs for doing their father who is next in command to the Osuivie that great honor as he assure the Council of Chiefs that the family would put every modalities in place and observe all logistics to give the second in command of Ovu Clan a befitting obsequies.

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He said “What is worth doing is worth doing well and our Osuivie has done perfectly well.”

“I sincerely appreciate the Council Of Chiefs especially the Osuivie of Ovu Clan; Chief Dr. T.E.A Salubi for doing our father who is now taking a heavenly repose this great honor.” Archbishop Adigbo emphasized.

“We are putting all modalities in place and we assure you that we would observe everything needed to be done to give our father a befitting burial.”He added.

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