Bight Newspaper reports that former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has urged the Nigerian Youths to perceive the auspicious future of the country as nation marks her 63rd Independence Day on October 1st.

The former President who earlier today released a press statement on his official social media handle, has said that Nigeria Youths should rather not despair at the understandable disappointments arising from various setbacks over the nation’s failed aspirations but look back at the signals of an auspicious future for the country.

“If there is a sense of disappointment among our population, especially the youths, on the nation’s failed aspirations, over the years, it is not entirely out of place. Yet, rather than despair, we should look back at the encouraging signposts that set the tone for an auspicious future and the promise that we could attain our growth and development goals.” The statement partly read.

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Read the rests of the statement below:

“Fellow Compatriots,

“It is now 63 years since our dear country got her independence from Britain. This commemoration offers us the opportunity to reflect on Nigeria’s great journey of nationhood; acclaim our modest strides, reassess the odds we survived, chart a path out of present challenges and renew our hopes for a greater tomorrow.

“Our country has seen progress as well as setbacks. Patriotic Nigerians, believing in their country, have always stood firm, sharing in the glory of successes and feeling the pain of missed opportunities.

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“Our nation survived a civil war, pulled through economic downturns and has continued to hold its ground against threatening socio-political challenges, leveraging that indomitable spirit that guided our nationalists to remain steadfast and focused.

“This is the same disposition that today strengthens our citizens and enlivens their spirit and hope against the menace of terrorism, insecurity, economic hardship and worsening effects of climate change.

“It is the spirit that pushes Nigerians to excel on the global stage in sports, medicine, music, arts, technology and scholarship.

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“As we mark yet another independence anniversary, we should focus our energy towards enthroning equity, justice, peace and national cohesion in order to bring to fruition the dream of Nigeria realising its full potential and holding up the torch of liberty and progress for all Africans.


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