Bight Newspaper gathered that Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo, who represented Adamawa North in the National Assembly, has apologised to the President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio over his unguarded remarks accusing him of being responsible for his ousting from the seat.

This trails Monday’s judgement by the Court of Appeal sacking the Adamawa Senator of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Recall that on Monday, the Senator shortly after the judgment, accused Akpabio of being involved in his removal from the Senate

Sen. Abbo however, in an interview on Arise television on Tuesday night publicly apologised to Akpabio.

He claimed the press statement issued on Monday shortly after the Court of Appeal judgment was premature adding that he acted in error due to insufficient information at his disposal.

According to him, the apology offered to Akpabio was necessary after his discussion with him on Monday night.

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In his words “Yesterday night I had a discussion with the Senate President, my brother colleague, distinguished Senator Akpabio, and I’m convinced that he’s not involved.

“This is because we met yesterday and let me go by his word, he said: ‘Senator Abbo, I swear by my mother’s grave that I’m not involved in this, I don’t even know that.’ For my patriotism to tell me that he has sworn by his mother’s grave, a woman that he loves so much; a woman who brought him to this world I don’t see a reason why he would lie to me.

“Again, the additional intelligence taken in and we have an abundance of information. This morning after discussing with the Senate President yesterday I apologised to him. It is only honorable that when something is wrong you have to clear his name to say yes we acted in error due to the available information at our disposal.

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“My President, my distinguished brother and friend, I’m sorry. I believe you are not involved and I value every word you said that you’re not involved.”

Reacting on the matter of members in the senate planning to impeach Akpabio, the sacked senator denied the report saying there was never a plan embarked by his former colleagues to remove the senate president from the seat.

He exuded that there were infractions made in the allocation of committees while he was there but after he met with Akpabio and the principal officers in the Senate they promised that the mistakes would be corrected and it was acted upon the next day.

“There was no plan to impeach the Senate President Akpabio but there was plan to make him do that which is right and when the issue came up that time I met with the Senate President and we had a meeting between 1:00am and 3:00am and I told them the infractions that they made in the allocation of committees that time when I was in the Senate but I am no longer there. But they agreed and assured me that yes there were mistakes and they were going to correct it and when they went to the chamber the next day they dissolved all the vice chairmanship of the committees. I am not a serving Senator now but I want to tell you that there was no plan to impeach Akpabio. I support him to deliver on the mandate of his people,” Abbo concluded.

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