Clement Ovokeroye Paul

My Problem With Most Aspirants In Bayelsa

Clement Ovokeroye Paul 

I Really Do Not Have Personal Problem With Some Of Those Who Have Picked The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Expression Of Interest And Nomination Forms For The November 16th Governorship Election In Bayelsa State. Of Course As Bayelsans They Have The Right To Vote And Be Voted For.

The Only Problem I Have With Some Of Them, Is Why They Have Again Choosen To Surround Themselves With The Very People That Contributed Immensely To The Under Development Of Our Dear State While They Were In Aso Rock. Some Of Them Were The Very People Federal Government Awarded Multi-billion Naira Contracts To Construct Roads And Other Infrastructures In The State And Make Life Meaningful For Bayelsans. But Such Contract Monies Were Diverted To Private Accounts At The Detriment Of Their Own People. Most Of These Projects They Failed To Execute.


Interestingly, The Primary Election Is Not Far. I Know Some Of Them Have Saved For The Rainy Day. However, Who Wins Would Have My Support.

But If They Fail To Perform, Some Of Us Will Have No Option Than To Engage Them On The Need To Develop The State In The Interest Of Our People. Most Of These Old Politicians Around These Aspirants Have Failed Us As A People. I Expect Most Of Them To Know This Except They Are Coming To Impoverish Bayelsans.

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The Likes Of A. J. Turner Are The Reason Why Bayelsa State Could Not Boast Of Any Significant Development When We Had The Opportunity To Develop The Niger Delta Region, Bayelsa State In Particular, In Six Years. They Could Not Encourage Or Engage Federal Government To Develop Our State. They Were Only Concerned About Their Personal Aggrandizement, And Of Course At The Detriment Of Bayelsans, They Amassed Stupendous Wealth To Themselves.

Suppose A Leopard Could Change His Colour, Then I Would Believe They Now Mean Well For Bayelsa State, Seeing Them Around Some Aspirants. But The Fowl That Sleeps On Top Of Plantain Leaves In The Village, When Taken To London, It Will Continue To Search For Plantain When It’s Bed Time.

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As A People, We Have Suffered So Much In The Hands Of Some Politicians. It’s Enough, Who Ever Is Coming Out To Serve The State Must Have The Progress And Development Of Bayelsa State At Heart. And Such A Person Must Not Surround Himself With Self-centered Individuals. Else We Will Engage Them Should They Fail Deliberately.

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