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YENAGOA – Bight News reports that a Monkey has bitten a Senior Police Officer to death in  Akenfa II Epie Area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Bight News gathered that on Saturday 27th July 2019, a newly retired Divisional Police Officer (DPO) died after he was bitten by his own Monkey at his residence in Yenagoa.

A source who spoke to Bight News on the condition of anonymity said the Senior Police Officer from Kaiama community, Bayelsa State was bitten by his own pet Monkey and died two weeks after. Source said though the wound from the Monkey bite was deep, but the DPO had received adequate medical treatment.

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The source expressed shock over the demise of the retired police Officer, who according to her was an easy going man. Adding that the Monkey has been friendly too, but shocked that the it could bit its owner to death.

“The pet Monkey is owned by the man who until his death was a retired DPO from Kaiama. He was an easy going man.

“The Monkey has been friendly. But nobody knows what went wrong. Two weeks ago, the Monkey escaped from its cage and so the owner wanted to move it back to the cage.

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“And, it was in that process the Monkey grabbed and bit him on the leg. The wound was deep but was given adequate medical treatment.

“He only returned for medical check up on Saturday, and to comfirm if the poison has been removed completely from the leg, but the Doctor demanded that he should be readmitted. Unfortunately, he died few hours later. Source said.

It’s quite unbelievable that pet Monkey could bit his owner to death, but according Professor Anna Nekaris, of Oxford Brookes University some Monkey may look harmless and friendly, however, “the animal is actually one of the only poisonous mammals in the world. Its toxin can cause death in humans through anaphylactic shock.”

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Prof Nekaris had warned humans to “stay clear of the toxin, which is released from near its elbows. When threatened, the loris takes the toxin into its mouth and mixes it with saliva”, and can lead to death.

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