Clement Ovokeroye Paul

Over the years, political systems and greedy nature of man have caused division among people of diverse political interest and cultural background in every spatial entity. It was Harold Lasswell who defined politics as “who gets what, when and how”. Lasswell definition is globally acceptable, however it is not sustainable for a group of people to plot who gets what, when and how without considering the needs and aspirations of others.

Our society can only be a better place when our political activities and actions are sustainable. “Sustainable politics is an act where people plan who gets what, when and how and for whom, to meet their needs and aspirations without jeopardizing the needs and aspirations of others and generations to come”. Undoubtedly, politics is a game of interest, however when concerted efforts are taken by few to marginalise the oppositions as vast majority of people wallow in poverty, peace and harmony will always remain scarce resources in our geographical entity.

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Key political players had indulged in politics of who gets what, when and how, even when peace and sustainable development of an entire community is in constant jeopardy. Let there be a political paradigm shift. As a people it’s imperative we always consider the welfare of one another. Of course, when we consider the other people as humans who equally have needs and aspirations they will live in peace and harmony with us.

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According to Aristotle, politics is a “practical science” because it deals with making citizens happy. His philosophy is to find the supreme purpose of life, virtue…”. In my opinion, as a people it imperative we ensure that dividends of democracy available to us be ubiquitously distributed among our people, that democracy being “a government of the people by the people and for the people”, its impacts can be felt by all with a view of making life more meaningful for all in every community of people.

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