Bight News reports that an abused Akwa Ibom girl child narrated her her touching story in Bayelsa State.

Her name is Lovet Edemnyong, she hails from Akwa ibom state, she is 15 years old she attended St. Dominic primary school Ekete-Eti 2,Akwa ibom state.
She was in elementary five (5) when her aunty went and took her from the village to join her in yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Lovet Edemnyong who hails from akwa ibom state, but currently residing with her aunty somewhere in yenagoa city is seeking for urgent help from well-meaning Nigerians,Religious Leaders, government, humanitarians, to come to her Aid as she pass through her hard times in life from the hands of her aunty.

Lovet Edemnyong, who was found in a uncompleted building where she makes her home with her unborn child as you can see from the video clips and the photos cries out in pains for help.

According to Lovet Edemnyong, she said, her aunty brought her from the village because of the condition of her mother who happens to be a stroke patient and her dad is late, so Iife was very difficult in the village for her to survive that was the reason she followed her aunty down to yenagoa, thinking everything will be Okey with her. But she never knew that was just the beginning of her story in life.

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According to her when she got to yenagoa with her aunty she finds out that her aunty sales cook food (MAMA PUT) at the road side somewhere in yenagoa she have no option then to assist her aunty.

Despite her assistance to her aunty she find out that her aunty hated her so much and turn her to a house mate and started maltreating her day and night.

Her aunty have never in a day promise her to admit her in school since she left her village to join her.

According to Lovet Edemnyong, Her aunty will beat her with wires and different weapons in her position and sometimes the aunty will put pepper in her eyes and her pubic area
She will be the one to do all the domestic works in the house day and night tired or not tired.

She said their was a day her aunty called her and asked her to open her hand which she did and the aunty used a very sharp knife and cut inside her hand. You can see it from the posted pictures.

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She said the maltreatment and tuition was getting to much day and night so she can’t bear it any more.


Because she can’t bear the maltreatment any longer a boy called Ekpe who also hails from akwa ibom state who happens to be one of their customer that patronage their (mama put) business deceived her that is going to take very good care of her, if she agrees to have an affairs with him she said she have no option then to date this young man,until the young man invited her to his place and have sex with her and she gets pregnant for him.

The Big Questions is:

When asked: where is the father of you unborn child
Lovet Edemnyong : he has ran away.

When asked: How old is your pregnancy
Lovet Edemnyong : I didn’t Know

When asked: how many times did your aunty took you to hospital for check-up

Lovet Edemnyong : None, my aunty flog me with wires every time without no food,she will force me to do all the domestic works even when am very tired with my condition.

When asked: If transport is been provided for you to go back and meet your sick mum,uncles,aunties, brothers or sisters
Lovet Edemnyong : over my dead body I will never go back to my village,i either die her in this uncompleted building with my unborn child.

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When asked : WHY.
Lovet Edemnyong: Because I can’t go back to my village and worsen my sick mother case and I can’t face my village people,they will laugh me. I didn’t have anyone expect my stroke patient mother.

She said if God can’t help me let me die here in this uncompleted building with my unborn child.

When asked : What dose she really want Lovet Edemnyong : I want shelter,comfort and mind rest place to deliver my unborn child safely to continue my life in anyway I find myself.

Please I used this medium to plead with well-meaning Nigerians, Religion leaders, government, humanitarians, sympathizers to come to the Aid of this innocent teenager to save her life and her unborn child.
She needs comfort and good health care for save delivery.

At this time of report Lovet Edemnyong didn’t have a direct mobile contact. But you can get to her face to face,one on one through this contact: 08131251004

Save our girl child’s today
God bless you.

Pls share this until God touches someone.

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