Picture Showing Oyinemi With Giant Python He Killed At Otuan, Bayelsa State.

Bight News reports that, a Bayelsan identified as Oyinemi Remember has killed a giant Python today at the bush of Otuan community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The pictures of the over 12ft long python and the eggs it laid before meeting its Waterloo were shared by a facebook user, Prince Esinkumo who wrote:

“Awo killed a mighty python with eggs today 30th of January in Otuan community in Southern Ijaw LGA of Bayelsa state. What is the scientific use of python egg?” he demanded to know.

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When called, Prince to confirm the report and to obtain more details, he confirmed to Bight News that his brother, Oyinemi Remember aka Awo has been known for hunting wildlife, particularly Python.

According to him, Oyinemi has killed several Pythons for medicinal purposes. Adding that he had killed the ones larger the than the one he reportedly killed with cutlass today.

His words, “it’s my brother that killed the Python today at my community bush – Otuan. This is not the first Python he has killed; he is known for hunting Python because of the medicinal values of the Python fat.

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“It’s very medicinal; the fat is use to cure different kind of sicknesses.” he said.

When asked how it was killed, he said Oyinemi killed the giant Python with a cutlass in the bush alone.

See more photos of the Python and its eggs:

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