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Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor, lady who recorded Success’ viral video, receives N500,000 from Delta State Deputy Speaker after she cried out of not being appreciated

Bight News reported that the lady who recorded Success’ viral video and shared it online cried out about not receiving anything from the family. The lady identified as Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor said she wanted the family to show her a little appreciation for what she did for Success.

In her words, “It’s not like I want to share any percentage of the money they have made with them, they are my neighbours but If Success and Her Family Have Made Over N5Million, I deserve at least N1Million”.

Following her outcry, Mr. Jollof, a Warri based social media influencer, took to his Instagram page to address the issue which attracted the attention of Delta State Deputy Speaker, Hon. Friday Osanebi, who requested that Stephanie should send her account number to receive a sum of N500,000.


He wrote; “Stephanie Deputy Speaker say make you send your account make he credit you 500,000 naira to take start business. Shey matter don settle? Please send your account ASAP as e Dey hot.”

Stephanie Idolor Rukevwe who is in her early 20s had publicly demanded monetary appreciation from the family of the 7 years old girl, Success Adegor.

In an interview granted to Punch newspaper, Stephanie narrated how the family changed over night when the video she recorded out of fun started yielding good returns. She said she is glad that the video has shoot the little Success Adegor to stardom, that she got the attention of prominent personalities in Nigeria and even the international community. But the family have not be grateful to her, she said.

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However she lambasted the family for not showing gratitude to her whom God used to change their family’s story. She said despite the million of naira the viral video has brought to the family, not even a dime has been given to her for all she did without gratuities.

She said, though she recorded the video for fun, but since money have started coming, one (1) million Naira our the five (5) million naira the parents have received from well-meaning Nigerians/ donors, is not too much for her efforts as appreciation.

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Stephanie said she decided to make the video public via her social media handles from where other media houses/ platforms download it, because she saw in her the passion to learn and become educated. It was not to make money either for herself or the family of the little girl. But it won’t be out of place for her to be appreciated.

Stephanie said she is a graduate of Mass communication, and that she need help/ supports to enable her give back to her parents and society, by extension.

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