Nsima Ekere speaking during the APC gubernatorial rally in Abak town, on Saturday, Akwa-Ibom State


The standardbearer of the ruling party All Progress Congress (APC) in Akwa-Ibom State and the immediate former NDDC Managing Director Dr. Obong Nsima Ekere has alleged the Akwa-Ibom state incumbent government house occupant, Mr. Gabriel Udom Emmanuel of being ineptitude and incapacitated during the APC gubernatorial rally in Abak Town, Abak Local government area of Akwa-Ibom state on Saturday afternoon.

The APC gubernatorial rally which attracted the hosts of all APC chieftains in Akwa-Ibom State including the Akwa-Ibom State political nabob Sen. Obong Godswill Akpabio, Mr. Emmanuel Okong, the APC state chairman;Mr. Ini Okopido, amongst other party stalwarts witnessed a massive turnout of supporters from the host local government.

While addressing the crowd of supporters, the APC gubernatorial candidate Dr. Nsima Ekere said that he constructed eleven(11) road projects in Abak town alone when he held sway as the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Managing Director while the seating governor has not been able to complete common dualization of Uyo-Oron road project for his ineptitude.

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He said “I constructed 11 road projects for Abak alone under NDDC”

“Udom Emmanuel couldn’t complete the dualization of common Uyo to oron road because of his inability”
He further promised to do more especially dualisation of Abak-IkotAbasi road if elected as the governor of the state citing the quotients of his laudable antecedents as the NDDC boss.

“I knew the federal government wanted to construct the road from Abak to Ikot-Abasi and I went to President, Muhammadu Buhari to appeal that the road should be dualized and our listening president approved it once.” Nsima Ekere said

He added that“I told Mr. President that when Akpabio was a governor, he dualized all the roads from Ikot Ekepene to Abak and when I emerge, I will dualize from Abak to Ikot-Abasi.

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The Akwa-Ibom state governorship hopeful further said he would attract big companies to the state unlike the wheelbarrow pushing company established by the present day administration.

“I will bring real big companies that will base here in Abak. companies like Julius Berger, Setraco, Fertilizer plant and as for our students, I will pay your bursaries and not the wheelbarrow pushing company PDP brought to you”


“If I can construct eleven (11) roads in Abak town alone as NDDC managing director imagine what I would do if I become your gorvernor.” Nsima Ekere added.

The APC Party State chairman Mr. Ini Okopido while Introducing the various party flag bearers at all levels in the state, was presented a set of defectors from PDP numbering Thirty(30) in Abak local government area to whom he gave brooms as a symbol of party authority.

While receiving and addressing the defectors, the state chairman said Udom Emmanuel rigged the last election as he did not gain the total support of all the state leaders.

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“I had been supporting and making governors in this state since 1999 and the only governor who did not gain my support is Udom Emmanuel, he did not win the last election, it was confirmed in the supreme court” he said.

“Nsima Ekere is the first candidate to be endorsed by all the leaders of Akwa-Ibom state to be our next governor.” He added.

While addressing newsmen, one the defectors told bightnews correspondent that his late defection is a big plus to the APC as it is likened a goal scored in an injury time in a football match.

“I think it is a big goal if someone refuse to score until the injury time in a football match” He said.


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