Archbishop Dr. R. O. Adigbo JP

…Adopt Stringent Monitoring Measures in Distribution Of Palliatives to Poor Nigerians

DELTA-Bight News correspondent gathered that the Archminister and general overseer of St.Lazarus Christ Church New Bethel Int’l Inc, Archbishop Dr. R. O. Adigbo JP has advised the government at all levels to call for a national prayer session against the coronavirus pandemic and also adopt more stringent monitoring measures in the distribution of palliatives to poor Nigerians.

The seasoned clergyman made this known in publication issued on his social media page on Saturday.

He stressed that government at all levels should see it as a necessity to turn to God in prayers and therefore call for a collective prayer session for both Christians and Muslims alike, for the end of the pandemic to be abrupt.

“On this note, I want to advise that the Federal Government should as a matter of necessity to organize a collective national prayer session for both Christians and Muslims alike to pray to God for this pandemic to come to an abrupt end.” He stated.

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Archbishop Adigbo further emphasized the need for government at every level to monitor strictly the distribution and sharing of the palliatives to poor Nigerians for the impact to cut across the nation, adding that some persons take undue advantage of the situation to enrich their personal pockets.

“Morealso, government at all levels should set stringent supervising modalities to checkmate the distribution and sharing of funds and palliatives to the poor Nigerians so that the impact can be felt and consequently be appreciated by Nigerians.” He stated

“As a matter of fact, the original motive of the government may not be to give that heartbreaking quantity of food as succor but it is crystal clear that the distribution process is fouled and flooded by greedy and self-aggrandizing leaders who appear in sheep clothing to ruin the efforts of the government, thereby preventing the indigents from getting what is actually meant for them. Therefore if proper monitoring measures are not taken, the good intentions of the government will be misconstrued by the people as if they had done nothing.” He added.

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He Admonishes government to be aware of thieves in the polity with hidden motives of fraustrating the efforts of government, stressing that such persons will not escape the reward of God.

“Obviously, in order to condemn the efforts of both state and federal government, some people presented themselves as if they will be able to do the job but with a hidden agender of siphoning what is meant for the public to enrich themselves. Some even create false impression about themselves with false publications of sharing paliatives to public. Such people will not go unpunished by God.”

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Archbishop Adigbo further laments over seeing indigent Nigerians who only received a cup of rice and beans as palliative from an oil rich country like Nigeria.

“It is very painful and totally boring to see People Living with Disabilities, advanced parents and even families whose survival was on daily menial jobs that are given just one cup of rice and beans each as paliative from a rich country like Nigeria. Too pathetic so to say.” He added.


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