Allegedly WAFFED NDU Student Commit Suicide

Trending reports have it that a Nigerian medical student of Niger Delta University (NDU) identified as Tare Uzakah has committed suicide after he was allegedly withdrawn for academic failure (WAF), in Amassoma, the university community, BAYELSA State.

Bight News learnt that the decease plunged into Amassoma River when he realized that he failed all three courses (Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Medical Biochemistry) in his first MBBS Exam and was asked to withdraw according to the school policy.

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He reportedly drowned himself at “Ending Pele” area of Amassoma River, after a number of WhatsApp Status Updates pointing towards suicide.

Sources close to the deceased disclosed he had earlier used “A CANDLE LIGHT” then “THE CANDLE BLOWN OFF” as his WhatsApp Status Updates, which feelers believe strongly point towards suicide thought.

The wind of suicide seems to have blown across the length and breadth of the country. Apparently, virtually everyone is finding things difficult but taking one’s life is simply complexing the already complicated life challenges of loved ones. #SuicideIsNotAnOption

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