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Miss Success, Her VIRAL Video, Miss Stephanie & The Family: Poverty Or Greed? Bight News 

By Clement Ovokeroye Paul

Media Practitioners, activists are like men of God, appreciating them lubricate their elbows to advocate or report societal issues that will better societies. Some may argue that, men of God, like media practitioners and activists should not render services to individuals expecting reward here on earth, but the Bible states otherwise. In 1 Corinthians 9:11 God speaking through his servant, Apostle Paul asked his congregants thus: “If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you?” Of course it’s not.

Right Activists and media practitioners are not wasps. They are not; they have stomach (needs). They have bills to pay too. Some are just freelance media practitioners or reporters/ bloggers without monthly per diem or gratuities. Many have also lost their lives or presently in prison yards for speaking or reporting societal issues in the interest of individuals or group of people in their geography. Sadly most beneficiaries showed their inherent greed, stinginess and stack wickedness and lack of gratitude.

The case of Miss Stephanie Idolor Rukevwe and Success Adegor is another sad tale of how most reporters and activists in our climes are often treated with disdain and lack of concern for their personal needs. Without prejudice, miss Stephanie is the Angel through whom God changed the story of Success’ family in a twinkle of an eye. If she had not videotaped the little girl passion for education against all odds and her reaction when she was sent from school, the rest would have be history by now. So, she deserves profound gratitude/ appreciation from the parents or well-meaning Nigerians. Some may ask “why Stephanie”? Of course, when God blesses you through a man of God, while God takes all the glory, the Thanksgiving items and present are not taken to heaven in our clime.

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The viral video that shot the young Success to stardom, changing the story of the her family, could have brought reproach and embarrassment to the little girl and her family. Had reverse be the case, Stephanie would have been held responsible for for the documentary without the consent of the parents. As we speak account has it that, the suspended head teacher of the Okotie-Eboh Primary School, Sapele, Delta State, from where Success was sent home, given her parents’ failure to meet up with examination levies’ payment, have accused Stephanie of being responsible for her misfortune. The head teacher was suspended after the viral video got the attention of Delta State Government. She is right too, because if Stephanie had not done the Success’ video and published it in her Social media handles, perhaps Delta State government wouldn’t have come on air to claim or deny knowledge of such sharp practices in the aforementioned school, and of course the pitiable state of the Okotie-Eboh primary.

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Unfortunately, while she is now been seen by family members of the suspended head teacher in Sapele as the one responsible, Success Adegor’s family have remained ungrateful to her, their God sent.

In a video released by Punch newspaper yesterday, Stephanie (Success’ interviewer) narrated how the family changed toward her person and in some cases hoarded information relating to the Success story. Such display can at best discourage people from lending helping hand to her or others in the future. In the video she stressed that as a graduate of Mass communication, Auchi Poly, Delta State, she has needs too and she would want the family to show appreciation. And that a million naira out of the five million naira or so, the video had generated to the family through willful donations from both foreign and domestic philanthropists is not too much for her as as a show of gratitude.

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The family of Success should know where they are coming from. They are obviously not the only parents whose wards or children were sent home on the fateful day, for inability to pay fees as at when due. And so, they should not allow greed, stack stinginess to mystify their sense of reasoning. Hence, I join voices with jillion Nigerians to enjoin Success’s family to listen to voice of reason and make Stephanie happy. I also call on well-meaning Nigerians to reach out to her for doing a good work. The family should sow a seed a faith into the life of Miss Stephanie and allow God to water it to grow. For, appreciation is an application for more.

Clement Ovokeroye Paul writes from Yenagoa,

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